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One question talks about four people playing four different games and a few conditions follow. You can still plan it in a tabular form. The second question talks about an entirely new card game. The moment we talk about a game, the advantage is to the exam setter — he can frame any rules he wants to.

Pick up the one with which you have familiarity and try avoiding unseen situations. Conditions: Very few conditions mean ambiguity and you have to work out lots of possibilities. On the other hand too many conditions, say 10 to 12, mean reading a lot. Or you read the set and every question has a new condition that virtually demands redoing the entire arrangement because it adds a new condition. Or else there is a set with four straight conditions — for example which boys sits on the right, or left etc.

These are deterministic conditions. You can just work on the arrangement and answer the questions.

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The more standard a puzzle the more you can come up with the schemes to represent data. Each question with new condition means doing everything with a new condition. You can also monitor whether the set you have selected is right and till what level or time you should spend time on that particular set. Reasoning: Do not make a guess on selecting a set and taking a plunge that the set is going to be easy without any reason.

There should be a rationale behind selecting a set. One of the biggest problem areas is that students move in a sequential way in the exam pressure type of situation. DI in most of the cases is attempted last and by that time all your strategy and time scheme plans have gone for a toss. Before trying you should have a clear idea about how to go about it.

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Sequence of selection: There is no suggested plan of which section should be attempted first and which should be attempted last. They should be attempted at your own competence level. Start with the easier section to score a few points and feel better, follow it up with the section, which you find the most difficult and then move on to the next section.

Day-to-day preparation. For preparing for traditional DI, pick up any newspaper or business magazine.

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Some graphs are usually given and the data is captured in those graphs. So you should do some mental calculations based on that data. For example, while watching a cricket match, calculate the run rate before it is flashed.

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We go to a petrol station and hardly check the right amount supplied — calculate the prices and the quantity wherever you go. Such regular mental calculations would start building up the base and looking at different forms of graphs will build in understanding of the DI. This is not to say that logic cannot be developed but the fact is that only looking out for the solution in the puzzles will not work.

If you are working on the puzzles, you should spend time with the puzzle rather than looking for solution. Cannot be determined. The longest run for the train between the two successive halts is.

With the run is of km, the longest run is between New Delhi - Kanpur Central. The average speed that the train maintained between two successive stations was the highest between. The average speed of The average speed that the train maintained between New Delhi and Bhubaneswar was nearly equal to. If we consider a journey that begins in New Delhi and ends in Bhubaneswar, the train has the longest halt at. The train has the longest halt of 15 minutes at Kharagpur JN. The train begins its return journey from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Seventeen hours after it has arrived at Bhubaneswar.

Assume that on the return journey that train maintains the same average speed as on the onward journey. The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and the answer the questions based on it. If the marked price of the book is Rs. P Let the cost of paper for a single book be Rs. Let the S. Study the following table and answer the questions based on it. Study the following bar chart and answer the questions carefully.

Sales Turnover of 5 Companies in Rs. Answer: Option A Explanation: Absolute value of the difference between the sum of the turnover of the five companies for - and — Answer: Option C Explanation: Hyundai with Hence, the answer is None of these Answer: Option B Explanation: Difference between the sum of the two years divided by 5. Study the following line graph and answer the questions.

Clearly, the total exports of the three Companies X, Y and Z together are same during the years and Average annual exports in Rs. Clearly, the difference is minimum in the year From the analysis of graph the exports of Company Z are more than the average annual exports of Company Z i. Such calculations can eat up your time. It is imperative, therefore to get very, very comfortable with calculations. Learn shortcuts that will help you calculate in your head or better still; figure out how Vedic Math works.

It will help you a lot. Get familiar with all types of DI questions : When you have been practicing DI questions for a while, you will begin to notice that there are different types or formats of questions in this section. There will be bar charts, tables, pie charts etc. There will also be questions where a lot of text or information will be provided in a long paragraph. It will go a long way in helping you tackle this section. Practice, practice, practice: The last but the most important piece of advice. Copious amount of practice will help you in two ways:.

So try to solve at least three DI question every day.

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Refer to good books that have a lot of solved and un-solved questions for practice. Suggestions for good books have been provided in the introductory article. Practice session with DI. Animal behaviour expert and Californian vet Dr Gary Weitzman thinks not. He is the author of a new book from National Geographic, How To Speak Cat, and argues that cats are far more loving and dependent on human affection than many of us realise. I'm feeling happy: A feline holding its tail up tall wants you to know it's content and comes in peace.

So, to put him to the test, I sent him a video of my own impassive, elderly and intrinsically lazy cat Cleo — a black and white year-old from a rescue home. Cleo is one of those cats who enjoys sleeping, eating and not much else. Capturing 15 minutes of activity on video is a challenge — not because she refuses to comply, but because she rarely manages 15 minutes of activity. To my untutored eye and ear, Cleo seemed to be merely walking around, purring and letting out the occasional meow. She purrs at the TV, she purrs when you say her name and she purrs when someone enters the house.

Left: This is my territory - If your car rubs its cheek on you, it doesn't have an itch, it's claiming you as its own. Right: You need a big kiss - That slow blink is a compliment - your moggie is showing you some love. That explains why we once, embarrassingly, had a cat who purred a bit too loudly when the vet took his temperature the traditional way.

No one is sure why a noise that usually means happiness can also mean distress — it may be a request for company or reassurance.


Kittens do it to their mothers. Cats do it to us to let us know they are happy to be in our presence. Some even mix in a whiny noise so it sounds like a human baby crying, to grab our attention. You need a big kiss: Take that slow blink as a compliment - your moggie is showing you some love. The idea that domestic cats have evolved a sound they make only with humans disproves the theory that cats are selfish and solitary loners, says Gary. Here is a species that has a special sound just for people.

What could be more social than that? The only meowing noise cats make to each other is when a female is in season or when two cats are fighting or in a stand-off. Then the loud shrieking is blood-curdling. Noises are only a tiny part of cat communication, though. Owners who want to understand their moggies need to watch them carefully.

Cats use whiskers to feel the world around them, to judge spaces and detect breezes. If they point forward, a cat is excited and looking for prey. A tail tells even more. An actively twitching one can mean a cat is fed up and uneasy, a thrashing tail means they are furious and an upright tail means they are happy and come in peace. Back off! Flattened ears and a fixed stare show this puss is in no mood to play. Cats often sit with their tail wrapped around their body. It can be a defensive sign to tell others to stay away. Confusingly, however, it can also be a sign that a cat is relaxed.

Throughout the video, Cleo demonstrated the signs of a happy cat, with a straight, mostly still tail. Its slight twitching indicated restlessness, not anger, Gary suggests.

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One habit that he spots is that Cleo often taps a paw on the ground, then holds up each paw in turn as if she were lame. Cleo never lifts up her paws on carpet or grass. Just cold floor tiles. Sometimes she stamps it a few times, as if trying to get my attention. Licking is another example — Cleo is an enthusiastic licker of hands, arms and occasionally, usually at 3am when she wanders into my bedroom, faces.

What about cats rubbing their cheeks against hands or legs, as Cleo spends much of her life doing? Let's be pals: Your cat isn't trying to trip you up - a tail rubbing your leg signals friendship. A nother type of communication that owners often overlook is blinking. But avoid staring at your cat —this is a hostile signal from one rival cat to another. A scared cat, or one facing a fight, has flattened ears, to avoid damage. Twitchy ears can mean a cat is picking up lots of noises — they can move each ear independently — or it could be a sign of stress.

Throughout our conversation, Gary repeats his mantra: that cats are not loners. They do not prefer the company of other cats, but they are very social creatures with the individuals that take care of them.