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I shall ensure that any puppy that is to be exported shall be a minimum of eleven weeks of age and micro-chipped. I shall ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal as defined in Clause 1 and 2 above. I shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog.

I shall not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers, or directly or indirectly to allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind or to be auctioned. She floats around the ring with exceptional movement. Eve is true to the standard in every way with correct height standing at Lewington SA. Eve is the fastest titled Amstaff in the history of the breed in Australia titled at 7 months of age.

Eve is also the 1st and only Amstaff from SA to finish No. Eve is loved, bred and owned by Manfred Kennels. Other services for Breeders. Pregnancy ultrasound. Whelping assistance inc. After-whelp care for your bitch and puppies. AHrs by arrangement conditions apply. By Appointment. Blood sampling Mon. Other times. Registered breeder's concessions. Coromandel Valley. Judged separately with each variety receiving separate Challenge Certificates.

Groenendael x Tervueren 2. Malinois x Tervueren 3.

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Laekenois x Malinois. FCI recommends — Avoid breeding long coated to wire coated or risk of untypical coat texture. Where the dog had been mated or used at stud prior to the date of suspension the litter may be registered at the discretion of the member body. Where the inspection is of a routine nature which includes where a member has applied for a breeders prefix or periodic inspection the appointed person shall provide as a minimum to the member, a written day notice via email where appropriate, or by Australia Post.

Where a notice has been served under clause 2 the member has the right to object to the appointed person in writing to the Executive Officer. The objection must be lodged within 7 days where issued under sub clause 2a or 8 hours where issued under sub clause 2b. The Executive Officer has the right of Veto to the objection where it is considered the objection is unfounded or mischievous. The inspection is to be limited to any area where dogs are being kept, including whelping areas, kennels and residence where the dogs are kept inside.

An inspection check sheet as prescribed by Council is to be used for all inspections and a copy is to be provided to the Executive Officer and the member within 7 days. Any serious matters are to be brought immediately to the attention of the member and within 24 Hours to the Executive Officer. A copy of the blank inspection check sheet shall be available to all members via the DOGS SA website or upon request so they are aware of what is involved in the inspection. Records of the inspections are to remain confidential except where disciplinary action is recommended then the record may be used in evidence.

APRIL, And it seemed the world was conspiring to prevent me from reading it for a couple of months. With all manner of person issue taking up valuable reading time. The author introduces herself to the reader, in the introduction, in a light, friendly, easy to read style. Chapter 1: First things First. Gives the reader a thorough understanding of needed equipment. To adequately prepare your dog for showing. From housing, to grooming equipment and leads. Chapter 2: Puppy Evaluations. I found a most informative and well laid out chapter.

It has a series of sub headings where the author explains the reason for evaluating a puppy to be able to buy a good start in the fancy. Then deals with the quarters and the body parts of the individual. These are so well worded and a wealth of knowledge, albeit in generalised not breed specific statements.

I disagreed with the pages on the head as they as they bear no correlation the elongated sighthound head. Chapter 3: Nutrition. Chapter 4: Teaching a Dog to Learn. Chapter 5: Dog Wherewithal. Is a very good reference, covering a wide range of needed info and tips, ranging from rearing pups to caring for your show dog, to conditioning your dog, to honing show attitude and much more. Chapter 6: Canine Structure in the Show Ring. This brilliant chapter taught me a lot about how handling, conditioning, exercise and relaxing can have an effect, on the structure of your dog, on the day.

Chapter 7: Grooming for Show and for Health. Was a good read and gives one the basics on healthy, well maintained skin and hair as you might expect, though nail care was a good extra here. Several coat types are dealt with in detail. Chapter 8: Advertising Dogs. Though I get it and except it. I tend to think of advertising as vulgar and unnecessary. But here the author gives detailed insight and instruction on pics, layout, budget and targeting audience. Informs the reader of all that a responsible breeder will do and offer.

Here I was inspired to be a better person and member of the association. Is a list of rules and ethics similar to those of our own controlling body. Junior Showmanship entries to be lodged before 2. For prices, full benefits and terms and conditions, visit: rasv. Gillian Smith. Jenny De Lucia. Phone: Neil Thies Willunga Veterinary Services.

All exhibits to be vetted. A veterinary certificate, issued within fourteen 14 days immediately prior to the date of the test, must be submitted for each dog on the day. It shall cover such things as the general fitness, temperature, standing heart rate, condition of the pads and muscle tone of the dog for bitches the certificate is to also state that the bitch is not in whelp. Page 9. IX : CH. GR CH. SE UCH. IPO I. JR CH. Pointer SUP. Bearded Collie CH. Old English Sheepdog CH. FCI CH. Biddy Memorial Trophy applies to Novice Class only.

Page Results which are incorrectly recorded create problems at various levels including incorrect results published in the Dogs SA magazine and when Clubs or members access marked catalogues for point scores or missing points certificates. Collieston Cast In Bronze. Merryjay Bostn Hotshot Teddy. A HTM. I, Golden Retriever, M Bourn N HTM. N, Collie Rough , J Brown The assessing Panel will carry out the practical assessments and the fourth appointed person shall act as the Referee only.

At the conclusion of each part of the assessment the Referee has the authority to collect the assessments from the assessing Judges and advise the Aspirant of a pass or fail for that part of the examination. The Referee must not indicate the exact result of the assessment. Our wonderful boy Max has achieved his Championship Title at 9 months of age.

A true representative of the breed and much loved part of our family. Shown by Susan Combe Owned by S. Combe, F. Dogs 1 Baby Puppy 2. Bitches 3 months and under 6 months 6 months and under 9 months 6 months and under 12 months 9 months and under 18 months 18 months and under 36 months 6 months and over whelped in S. Very special thanks to her breeder Daniel Filipovic and to Sandra Helps for her superb handling. Thank you to all the Judges who awarded "Rori" so highly. Owned by Christine Spry. To recognise Geoff Sykes contribution to the South Australian Agility community the Agility Advisory Committee will be presenting a special award in his name.

This will be a once off award, making it very unique and prestigious. Sunday, 14th July at 9. Three rings will offer trial conditions for your dog. Praise and correction is permitted in the ring. Enquiries to Gillian Smith Ms Gagne has also owned, shown and lure coursed Scottish Deerhounds and a Whippet, and with her daughter, co-owned and showed a Norfolk Terrier. Mr Andy Gong China has been involved in dog sports for more than 18 years.

He started with breeding Miniature Schnauzers and Chow Chows. In , he commenced working with KC and with his role in organising shows, gained much experience interacting with visiting international judges. NY, USA. At a relative's house and there's a "giant yorkie" here for awhile long story. While it would be awesome if it was an actual giant, it is just a regular little, but not teeny tiny, dog. I only had a dog as a kid and back in those days woodchucks like us tied our dogs to a tree or just let them run around loose.

I guess for inside companion dogs these small dogs make sense, most country dogs were big and often hunting dogs, but we had st Bernard's and Westies at a kennel another relative had in the 70s. While they were nice dogs the St Bernhards knocked me around when I was little, although they did pull kids around in a little cart. Where do you come up with all of this stuff?

Do you still have subscriptions to Boy's Life and Soldier of Fortune? MO, USA. We had dogs of all sizes growing up, from chihuahua mixes to what I think was a GS mix. Mom liked the smaller dogs, dad would go for bigger ones.

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I'm pink, therefore, I'm Spam. WV, USA. Growing up, we had Boston Terriers. They were fun to have around as kids as they loved to play.

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They had a lot of health issues and aged fairly quickly. Seemed prone to cataracts. I stick with Labradors as an adult. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.. OH, USA. A dog less than 50 lbs is a cat, and cats are worthless. MN, USA. I have had 12 different dogs so far,all over 40 lb and all house broken and inside dogs. I typically like labs and husky mixes. PA, USA. I like dogs to have a purpose. If the purpose is simply companionship, then little dogs are fine.

Or some small breed dogs are excellent rodent hunters. Since I prefer to get more out of dogs, I currently have a large borderline giant breed Dogo. Self aware sack of star stuff. CA, USA. It strikes me as amazing that there's more than one dog breed at all. Stop liking dogs I don't like. My current dog is a b Greater Swiss Mountain dog. Strong, but awesome. Not quite 4yrs old. The dog before her was an 18lb Shiba Inu who was also awesome. And much easier because of her size. She lived 18yrs and two days. Current monster My Dauchshunds are vicious little killers but very lovable to their family.

Very patient with my 3 year old son. The wife and I have been tossing around the idea of getting a bigger dog. I'm kinda leaning towards a Bullmastiff. Edit: Add pics of the pups. FL, USA. I prefer medium-sized mutts; 60 lbs or so. Less food to buy and less shit to clean up and still have the size for hunting or house alert duties. Having said that, the best 2 dogs I owned weighed under 20 lbs. We have a unique, oversized French bulldog who is a mix of outdoor energy and inside lethargic cuddle buddy.

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Does all the dog stuff, frisbee, etc. Protects my wife and growls at stuff outside. He's solid and big enough that you can really get scrappy but he's also small enough he doesn't need an entire backseat of the car. I grew up with a lab and swore I was getting another, but having the giant Frenchie is hard to beat.

Attached File vortexsam. KS, USA. I draw the line at 45 or 50 lbs. Anything smaller has a hard time with the type of hunting I do. Quote History. WI, USA. Consider your limitations and tailor your dog selection as to what we be best for you as well as best for the dog. My choices of best dog for city living,small town with big yard,out in the country with acreage,living on a lake or river Cold climate with harsh winters,deep snow, short summers vs living in Florida with high heat and humidity I's select different dogs pretty much for different life styles and climate If we ever settle down to retire on our lake lot I guess I would add a Chessie The dog to which I most strongly bonded was a pure bred, registered and papered male Border collie that my wife bought for me as a birthday present His name was Buster, and he lived with me until he was Now, the house dog is a little terrier, Casey, who weighs 9.

He is 17 years old, has lost most of his teeth, is pretty well deaf, but he still enjoys life when he isn't sleeping. I would normally say I am a "big dog" kind of guy, but I have learned that when given a fair chance, the love people and dogs exchange isn't at all dependent on the size of the dog, or the human. I sure love my little dog, and I know he is going to break my heart one of these days. I'm not much of a cat person, and when Casey first came to live with us, he was a rescue at 5.

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We had a giant cat that weighed 26 pounds. Because of our border collies, we had to put the cat's food in a cat tree where the border collies couldn't get to it. The cat would hunt Casey and beat the shit out of him. But dogs also remained part of the medieval cosmology of the satoyama farm village landscape, which appears both in the writings of low-ranking aristocrats and Buddhist priests and in illustrated handscrolls they commissioned. The satoyama included both the sato human settlement and the yama surrounding hills. While animals that lived in the foothills—mainly foxes, badgers, and monkeys—populate the folk literature of Japan and frequently appear as local gods kami , dogs lived in the human settlements and are found in illustrations of commoner settings, temple environs, and scenes associated with illness and death.

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This essay examines the relationship between the context in which dogs appear in medieval handscrolls and the social status of their patrons. Currency and addition of Tax VAT depend on your shipping address. Author: Karen M.


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